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Microscopic Imaging System

Convention use of microscope has some limitations. some of them are:

1. Prolonged use may pose health hazards like Spondylitis, back pain, eye irritations etc.

2. Only one person can view the slide at a time, as mass audience cannot view them.

3. multiple slides cannot be viewed simultaneously

4. Slides cannot be stored for later use in a microscope

5. Slides get contaminated or fungus infected after some time resulting in loss of slides

6. Comparison of two or more slides are not possible in a microscope.

7. All students in a classroom cannot see the slide simultaneously resulting in partial understanding of the subject.

8. In a limited duration classroom session many slides cannot be shown to all students.

9. Researchers need to save and re-use the slide for their reports / thesis which is not possible in a microscope.

10. Laboratories cannot use the image of the slide to get a second opinion as it cannot be saved.

All the above limitations can be overcome using our Computerized Microscopic Image Capturing system!.

We have three versions meant for schools & colleges, diagnostic Laboratories and Research Laboratories.

Many prestigious institutions in Karnataka are already using our system for a long time, including central research laboratories.

Please call us for further details.